2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #177

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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With its worldwide retailer network,
BMW Motorrad can attend to you and your
motorcycle in over 100 countries around the
globe. Authorized BMW Motorrad retailers
have the technical information and expertise
needed to reliably conduct all preventive
maintenance and repair procedures on your
You will find the nearest authorized
BMW Motorrad retailer at our website:
Improperly performed maintenance and
repair work
Accident hazard caused by subsequent
BMW Motorrad recommends
having corresponding work on the
motorcycle carried out by a specialized
workshop, preferably by an authorized
BMW Motorrad retailer.
To ensure that your BMW is always in op-
timum condition, BMW Motorrad recom-
mends that you comply with the mainte-
nance intervals specified for your motorcy-
Have all preventive maintenance and repair
procedures that have been carried out con-
firmed in the "Service" chapter in this man-
ual. Documented proof of scheduled preven-
tive maintenance is essential for generous
treatment of claims submitted after the war-
ranty period has expired (goodwill).
You can obtain information on the contents
of the BMW Motorrad Services from your
BMW Motorrad retailer.
Maintenance work that has been performed
is recorded in the diagnostics and informa-
tion system. Like a Service Booklet, these
entries provide proof of regular mainte-
If an entry is made in the vehicle's electronic
Service History (eSH), service-related data is
stored on the central IT systems of BMW AG
in Munich, Germany.
When there is a change in vehicle owner, the
data entered in the electronic Service His-
tory can also be viewed by the new vehicle
owner. A BMW Motorrad retailer or special-
ist workshop can view the data entered in
the electronic Service History.
At the BMW Motorrad retailer or specialist
workshop, the vehicle owner can object to
the entry of data in the electronic Service
History with the related storage of data in
the vehicle and the transfer of data to the
vehicle manufacturer during his time as the
vehicle owner. In this case, no entry is made
in the vehicle's electronic Service History.
As the owner of a new BMW motorcycle,
you can benefit from the protection afforded
by the various BMW Motorrad mobility
services in the event of a breakdown (e.g.,
BMW Roadside Assistance, breakdown
service, vehicle recovery service).
Contact your authorized BMW Motorrad re-
tailer for additional information on available
mobility services.
BMW pre-delivery check
The BMW pre-delivery check is carried out
by your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer
before it turns the motorcycle over to you.

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