2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #35

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Outside temperature
The outside temperature is displayed in the
status line of the TFT display.
Motor heat can lead to spurious measure-
ment readings of the outside temperature
when the vehicle is stationary. If the effect
of the motor heat becomes excessive,
dashes are temporarily displayed instead of
the value.
If the outside temperature falls below
the limit value of Approx. 37 °F (Ap-
prox. 3 °C), there is a risk of black ice for-
The first time the temperature drops below
this value, the outside temperature display
and ice crystal symbol will blink in the status
line of the TFT display.
External temperature warning
is displayed.
Possible cause:
The outside temperature measured
on the vehicle is less than:
Approx. 37 °F (Approx. 3 °C)
Risk of black ice, even above Approx.
37 °F (Approx. 3 °C)
Risk of accident
At a low outside temperature, icy condi-
tions must expected on bridges and in
shady road areas.
Use caution when riding.
Radio-operated key outside reception
lights up yellow.
Remote key not in range. It is
not possible to turn on the ig-
nition again.
Possible cause:
The communication between the radio-oper-
ated key and the engine electronics is faulty.
Check the battery in the radio-operated
Replacing the battery of the radio-oper-
ated key ( 46).
Use the spare key for further travel.
Battery of radio-operated key is dead or
radio-operated key is lost ( 45).
If the Check Control dialog appears while
riding, remain calm. You can continue driv-
ing; the engine will not turn off.
Have any faulty radio-operated keys re-
placed by a BMW Motorrad retailer.
Keyless Ride failure
lights up yellow.
Keyless Ride failure! Do not
stop engine. Engine restart
may not be possible.
Possible cause:
The Keyless Ride control unit has diagnosed
a communication fault.
Do not shut off the engine. Visit a special-
ist workshop immediately if possible, ide-
ally an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.
Engine start using Keyless Ride is no
longer possible.
DWA can no longer be activated.
Replacing the battery of the radio-
operated key
lights up yellow.
Remote key battery low. Lim-
ited central locking function.
Change battery.
Possible cause:
The battery for the radio-operated key is
no longer charged to full capacity. Opera-
tion of the radio-operated key is only en-
sured for a limited time.
Replacing the battery of the radio-oper-
ated key ( 46).

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