2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #52

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Replacing the battery of the radio-
operated key
The key fob transmitter does not react be-
cause the battery is weak.
Remote key battery low. Lim-
ited central locking function.
Change battery.
Swallowing a battery
Risk of injury or death
An ignition key contains a button cell as
a battery. Batteries or button cells can
be swallowed and cause severe or fatal
injuries within two hours, e.g. due to
internal burns or chemical burns.
Keep ignition keys and batteries out of
the reach (range) of children.
If it is suspected that a battery or button
cell has been swallowed or is inside a
body part, seek medical attention imme-
Change battery.
Press button 1.
Key bit folds open.
Press battery cover 2 upward.
Remove battery 3.
Dispose of the old battery in accordance
with legal regulations. Do not dispose of
the battery in the household waste.
Unsuitable or improperly inserted batter-
Component damage
Use a battery compliant with the manu-
facturer's specifications.
When inserting the battery, make sure
that the polarity is correct.
Insert the new battery with the positive
terminal facing up.
Battery type
For Keyless Ride radio-operated key
CR 2032
Install battery cover 2.
The indicator light in the instrument clus-
ter blinks.
The radio-operated key is working again.
Electronic immobilizer (EWS)
The motorcycle's electronics monitor the
data stored in the ignition key by means of
a ring antenna. The engine control unit does
not enable engine start until this radio-op-
erated key has been recognized as "autho-
rized" for your motorcycle.
An additional ignition key attached to
the same ring as the ignition key used
to start the engine could "irritate" the elec-
tronics, in which case the enabling signal
for a start is not issued. The warning is dis-
played in the multifunction display with the
key symbol.
Always store ignition keys separately from
the ignition key used for starting the vehicle.
If you lose an ignition key, you can have it
disabled by your authorized BMW Motorrad
For this purpose, you should also bring all of
the motorcycle's remaining vehicle keys with
you. The engine can no longer be started
using a disabled radio-operated key; how-
ever, a disabled radio-operated key can be
enabled again.
Spare keys are available only through an au-
thorized BMW Motorrad retailer. The igni-

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