2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #61

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Safety instructions
ACC does not release riders from their
own responsibility
Risk of accident due to misjudgment by
the system
ACC is a driver assist system and not
a safety system. You alone are respon-
sible for correct judgment of visibility
conditions and the traffic situation and
to intervene accordingly.
Adhere to the imposed speed limits.
Never take your hands off the handle-
ACC cannot respond to all objects and
traffic situations
Risk of accident
ACC responds only to vehicles that are
ahead and moving in the same direc-
tion. This means that pedestrians, ani-
mals and vehicles that are stationary or
moving in the opposite direction are not
detected. Cyclists cannot be reliably de-
A vehicle entering the lane from the side
cannot be used as a reference object
until it has been checked for plausibility
by the radar. Due to this, deceleration
might be late and abrupt, or it is possi-
ble that it will not occur at all.
Observe the traffic and actively inter-
vene in the respective situations.
ACC is not functional in certain situa-
Risk of accident if there is no control
takeover request and deceleration
The field of view of the radar must be
clear for object detection. During heavy
rain, fog or snow and when the radar
sensors are dirty or covered, object de-
tection is limited.
Object detection can be impeded by en-
vironmental conditions, e.g. by strong
reflections and electromagnetic interfer-
After any accident or after the motorcy-
cle hits the vehicle ahead or tips over,
the installation position of the radar sen-
sor must be checked.
Observe the traffic and actively inter-
vene in the respective situations.
ACC cannot detect all objects and traffic
situations, or it cannot detect them cor-
Risk of accident
ACC cannot detect certain objects or
complex traffic situations correctly and,
due to this, cannot issue warnings and
decelerate, or it issues incorrect warn-
ings or decelerates improperly. For ex-
ample, you must brake on your own
when you are approaching accident
sites or vehicles at traffic lights or traffic
Object detection can be limited e.g. in
cross traffic, if the road is curvy or un-
even or if you are riding unstably or at
an angle within a lane.
Observe the traffic and actively inter-
vene in the respective situations.

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