2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #98

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Selecting a sound profile
Go to the Radio, Audio settings
menu, then select the Sound profile
menu item.
The following settings are available:
The default setting is Bass-Boost. All
sound profiles take effect only if Speak-
ers is selected.
For an optimal sound experience without a
helmet, the Studio sound profile should
be selected. All other sound profiles are
optimized for playback while wearing a
Adjusting sound settings
Go to the Radio, Audio settings
menu, then select the Equalizer menu
The following settings are available:
Treble: reduce (-1...-5) or increase
(+1...+5) treble
Bass: reduce (-1...-5) or increase (+1...+5)
Fader: adjust playback from front (1...) to
back (...11).
Volume control: switch off speed-de-
pendent volume boost (1) or select a level
Select the desired menu item, make the
adjustment and exit the menu.
The sound settings take effect only if
Speakers is selected as the output
Volume and speed
The audio system can automatically adapt
the volume to the speed of the motorcycle.
The rate at which the volume increases in
relation to vehicle speed can be set on four
levels. Level 4 corresponds to maximum
increase. If level 1 is selected, the volume
boost feature is deactivated.
Automatic volume adjustment only functions
if Speakers is selected as the output de-
Shown in display
The following information is displayed by
the view in the TFT display (depending on
Selected source ( 90).
Station ( 93).
Frequency band
Changing the station or frequency
A frequency can be selected only in the AM
or FM frequency bands, and Frequency
must be selected in the options.
Selecting a source ( 90).
Press the Multi-Controller to the right or
left to select the desired station or the de-
sired frequency.
In order to be able to change the fre-
quency, the Frequency menu item
must be selected in the AM options or FM
options menu.
The functions for the reception of satellite
radio described in this chapter are only of-
fered in countries in which the reception of
SiriusXM is possible.
Subscribing to a station
To listen to a station, it must first be sub-
scribed to. Subscribing to a station can gen-
erate costs not borne by BMW Motorrad.
You can find more information on the avail-
able transmitters at siriusxm.com.
Activating stations
A station is activated by phone by calling the
phone number 1-888-539-7474. In addi-
tion, the Radio ID is required.

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