2013.5 BMW S 1000 R — Owner's Manual

Posted on 23 Sep, 2015
Model: 2013.5 BMW S 1000 R
Pages: 189

File size: 2 MB

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Manual Description
In addition, it contains information on maintenance and care to help you maintain your vehicle's reliability and safety, as well as its value. This explains why by continuous development z General instructions the manual may also contain dework on design, equipment scriptions of equipment which and accessories. We If your motorcycle contains hope you will appreciate that no equipment that has not been claims can be entertained on the.

The 'general' warning light shows red or yellow, depending on the urgency of the warning. Warning light for engine specialist workshop, preferably The coolant-temperature reading electronics shows. A bulb failure on the mocomplete set of spare bulbs if Replacing bulbs for front and torcycle is a safety risk, bepossible.

Reserve fuel of fuel after refuelling is greater Possible cause: than the reserve volume. Switching off ignition will only allow the engine to be You can obtain extra keys started if the key is identified as only through an authorised 4 authorised”. The 41 A spare key attached to keys are part of an integrated the same ring as the igsecurity system, so the dealer is nition key used to start the enunder an obligation to check the gine could "irritate" the electronlegitimacy of all applications for ics, in which case the enabling replacement/extra keys.

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