2023 Cadillac CT5 — Owner's Manual – Page #109

Posted on 27 Jul, 2022
Model: 2023 Cadillac CT5
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Cadillac CT5 Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-16500419) -
2023 - CRC - 5/6/22
108 Instruments and Controls
The compass system is
designed to operate for a
certain number of miles or
degrees of turn before
needing a signal from the GPS
satellites. When the compass
display shows CAL, drive the
vehicle for a short distance in
an open area where it can
receive a GPS signal. The
compass system will
automatically determine when
a GPS signal is restored and
provide a heading again.
Set the time and date using
the infotainment system. See
"Time/Date" under Settings
0 215.
Power Outlets
The accessory power outlets
can be used to plug in
electrical equipment, such as a
cell phone or MP3 player.
The vehicle has two accessory
power outlets:
Inside the center console
storage area.
On the rear of the center
floor console.
Lift the cover to access the
accessory power outlet.
Certain electrical accessories
may not be compatible with
the accessory power outlet
and could overload a vehicle
circuit breaker or adapter
fuse. If overloaded, the circuit
breaker will reset after all
devices are disconnected or if
Retained Accessory Power
(RAP) is turned off and then
back on. See Retained
Accessory Power (RAP) 0 273.
Wait one minute to allow the
circuit breaker to reset before
reconnecting devices or
turning RAP back on. If the
problem continues, the issue
could be within your device.
Try another known good
device to make sure the circuit
breaker is operating properly.
If this does not resolve your
problem, see your dealer.
It is possible to replace the
factory power outlet with a
cigar lighter receptacle,
if desired. This requires the
factory installed circuit
breaker to be replaced with a
standard minifuse by the
dealer. A minifuse will not
reset and will have to be
replace if blown.
Failure to replace the circuit
breaker with the minifuse
could overheat the cigar
lighter and damage the
When adding electrical
equipment, be sure to follow
the proper installation
instructions included with the
equipment. See Add-On
Electrical Equipment 0 372.

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