2023 Cadillac CT5 — Owner's Manual – Page #352

Posted on 27 Jul, 2022
Model: 2023 Cadillac CT5
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Cadillac CT5 Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-16500419) -
2023 - CRC - 5/10/22
Driving and Operating 351
A system unavailable message
may display if:
The front of the vehicle or
windshield is not clean.
Heavy rain or snow is
interfering with object
There is a problem with the
Stability Control (ESC)
The AEB system does not
need service.
Front Pedestrian
Braking (FPB) System
If equipped, the FPB system
may help avoid or reduce the
harm caused by front-end
crashes with nearby
pedestrians when driving in a
forward gear. FPB displays an
amber indicator,
~, when a
nearby pedestrian is detected
ahead. When approaching a
detected pedestrian too
quickly, FPB provides a red
flashing alert on the
windshield and rapidly beeps
or pulses the driver seat. FPB
can provide a boost to braking
or automatically brake the
vehicle. This system includes
Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA),
and the Automatic Emergency
Braking (AEB) System may
also respond to pedestrians.
See Automatic Emergency
Braking (AEB) 0 349.
The FPB system can detect
and alert to pedestrians in a
forward gear at speeds
between 8 km/h (5 mph) and
80 km/h (50 mph). During
daytime driving, the system
detects pedestrians up to a
distance of approximately
40 m (131 ft). During nighttime
driving, system performance is
very limited.
FPB does not provide an
alert or automatically brake
the vehicle, unless it detects
a pedestrian. FPB may not
detect pedestrians, including
When the pedestrian is
not directly ahead, fully
visible, or standing upright,
or when part of a group.
Due to poor visibility,
including nighttime
conditions, fog, rain,
or snow.
If the FPB sensor is
blocked by dirt, snow,
or ice.
If the headlamps or
windshield are not cleaned
or in proper condition.
Be ready to take action and
apply the brakes. For more
information, see Defensive
Driving 0 242. Keep the

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