2023 Cadillac CT5 — Owner's Manual – Page #431

Posted on 27 Jul, 2022
Model: 2023 Cadillac CT5
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Cadillac CT5 Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-16500419) -
2023 - CRC - 5/6/22
430 Vehicle Care
High Speed Operation Inflation Pressures
Tire Size Cold Inflation Pressure kPa (psi)
275/35ZR19 (100Y) 280 kPa (41 psi) Front
305/30ZR19 (102Y) 290 kPa (42 psi) Rear
245/40ZR19 94Y 300 kPa (44 psi)
245/40R19 94V 280 kPa (41 psi)
245/45R18 96V 280 kPa (41 psi)
255/35ZR20 97W 330 kPa (48 psi)
Return the tires to the
recommended cold tire
inflation pressure when
high-speed driving has ended.
See Vehicle Load Limits 0 261
Tire Pressure 0 427.
Tire Pressure Monitor
The Tire Pressure Monitor
System (TPMS) uses radio and
sensor technology to check
tire pressure levels. The TPMS
sensors monitor the air
pressure in your tires and
transmit tire pressure
readings to a receiver located
in the vehicle.
Each tire, including the spare
(if provided), should be
checked monthly when cold
and inflated to the inflation
pressure recommended by the
vehicle manufacturer on the
vehicle placard or tire inflation
pressure label. (If your vehicle
has tires of a different size
than the size indicated on the
vehicle placard or tire inflation
pressure label, you should
determine the proper tire
inflation pressure for those
As an added safety feature,
your vehicle has been
equipped with a tire pressure
monitoring system (TPMS)
that illuminates a low tire
pressure telltale when one or
more of your tires is
significantly under-inflated.
Accordingly, when the low tire
pressure telltale illuminates,
you should stop and check
your tires as soon as possible,
and inflate them to the proper
pressure. Driving on a

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