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Posted on 11 Aug, 2021
Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark
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Chevrolet Spark Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-15540556) -
2022 - CRC - 4/9/21
Infotainment System 107
Bluetooth (Pairing and Using a
A Bluetooth-enabled cell phone must be
paired to the Bluetooth system and then
connected to the vehicle before it can be
used. See the cell phone manufacturer's user
guide for Bluetooth functions before pairing
the cell phone.
Pairing Information
If no mobile device has been connected,
the Phone main page on the infotainment
display will show the Connect Phone
option. Touch this option to connect.
Another way to connect is to touch the
Phones tab at the top right of the display
and then touch Add Phone.
A Bluetooth phone with music capability
can be paired to the vehicle as a phone
and a music player at the same time.
Up to 10 devices can be paired to the
Bluetooth system.
The pairing process is disabled when the
vehicle is moving.
Pairing only needs to be completed once,
unless the pairing information on the cell
phone changes or the cell phone is
deleted from the system.
If multiple paired cell phones are within
range of the system, the system connects
to the paired cell phone that is set to
First to Connect. If there is no phone set
to First to Connect, it will link to the
device which was used last. To link to a
different paired phone, see Linking to a
Different Phone later in this section.
Pairing a Phone
1. Make sure Bluetooth has been enabled
on the cell phone before pairing is
2. Touch the Phone icon on the Home Page
or the phone shortcut on the
applications tray at the bottom of the
3. Touch Phone at the top of the
infotainment display. There is also an
Add option in the middle of the Phone
screen. Touching this Add Phone option
will shortcut to the Phone List menu.
4. Touch Add Phone.
5. Select the vehicle name shown on the
infotainment display from your phones
Bluetooth Settings list.
6. Follow the instructions on the cell phone
to confirm the six-digit code shown on
the infotainment display and touch Pair.
The code on the cell phone and
infotainment display will need to be
acknowledged for a successful pair.
7. Start the pairing process on the cell
phone to be paired to the vehicle. See
the cell phone manufacturer's user guide
for information on this process. Once the
cell phone is paired, it will show under
8. If the vehicle does not appear on your
phone, there are a few ways to start the
pairing process over.
Turn the phone off and then back on.
Go back to the beginning of the
Phone menus on the infotainment
display and restart the pairing
Reset the phone, but this step should
be done as a last-effort.

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