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Posted on 11 Aug, 2021
Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark
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Chevrolet Spark Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-15540556) -
2022 - CRC - 4/9/21
244 Customer Information
This program is available to qualified
applicants for cost reimbursement, up to
certain limits, of eligible aftermarket
adaptive equipment required for the vehicle,
such as hand controls or a wheelchair/
scooter lift for the vehicle.
To learn about the GM Mobility program,
see www.gmmobility.com or call the GM
Mobility Assistance Center at 1-800-323-9935.
Text Telephone (TTY) users, call
General Motors of Canada also has a
Mobility program. See www.gm.ca, or call
1-800-GM-DRIVE (800-463-7483) for details.
TTY users call 1-800-263-3830.
Roadside Assistance Program
For U.S.-purchased vehicles, call
1-800-243-8872. (Text Telephone (TTY):
For Canadian-purchased vehicles, call
Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year.
Calling for Assistance
When calling Roadside Assistance, have the
following information ready:
Your name, home address, and home
telephone number
Telephone number of your location
Location of the vehicle
Model, year, color, and license plate
number of the vehicle
Odometer reading, Vehicle Identification
Number (VIN), and delivery date of the
Description of the problem
Services are provided for the duration of the
vehicles powertrain warranty.
In the U.S., anyone driving the vehicle is
covered. In Canada, a person driving the
vehicle without permission from the owner
is not covered.
Roadside Assistance is not a part of the New
Vehicle Limited Warranty. General Motors
North America and Chevrolet reserve the
right to make any changes or discontinue
the Roadside Assistance program at any
time without notification.
General Motors North America and Chevrolet
reserve the right to limit services or
payment to an owner or driver if they
decide the claims are made too often, or the
same type of claim is made many times.
Services Provided
Emergency Fuel Delivery: Delivery of
enough fuel for the vehicle to get to the
nearest service station.
Lock-Out Service: Service to unlock the
vehicle if you are locked out. A remote
unlock may be available if you have
OnStar. For security reasons, the driver
must present identification before this
service is given.
Emergency Tow from a Public Road or
Highway: Tow to the nearest Chevrolet
dealer for warranty service, or if the
vehicle was in a crash and cannot be
driven. Assistance is not given when the
vehicle is stuck in the sand, mud,
or snow.
Flat Tire Change: Service to change a flat
tire with the spare tire. The spare tire,
if equipped, must be in good condition
and properly inflated. It is the owner's
responsibility for the repair or
replacement of the tire if it is not covered
by the warranty.

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