2022 Chevrolet Spark Owner's Manual (Page 248 of 271)

2022 Chevrolet Spark Owner's Manual
Posted on 11 Aug, 2021
Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark
Pages: 271
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Chevrolet Spark Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-15540556) -
2022 - CRC - 4/9/21
Customer Information 247
Recycled original equipment parts may also
be used for repair. These parts are typically
removed from vehicles that were total losses
in prior crashes. In most cases, the parts
being recycled are from undamaged sections
of the vehicle. A recycled original equipment
GM part may be an acceptable choice to
maintain the vehicle's originally designed
appearance and safety performance;
however, the history of these parts is not
known. Such parts are not covered by the
GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and any
related failures are not covered by that
Aftermarket collision parts are also available.
These are made by companies other than
GM and may not have been tested for the
vehicle. As a result, these parts may fit
poorly, exhibit premature durability/
corrosion problems, and may not perform
properly in subsequent collisions.
Aftermarket parts are not covered by the
GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and any
vehicle failure related to such parts is not
covered by that warranty.
Repair Facility
GM also recommends that you choose a
collision repair facility that meets your
needs before you ever need collision repairs.
Your dealer may have a collision repair
center with GM-trained technicians and
state-of-the-art equipment, or be able to
recommend a collision repair center that has
GM-trained technicians and comparable
Insuring the Vehicle
Protect your investment in the GM vehicle
with comprehensive and collision insurance
coverage. There are significant differences in
the quality of coverage afforded by various
insurance policy terms. Many insurance
policies provide reduced protection to the
GM vehicle by limiting compensation for
damage repairs through the use of
aftermarket collision parts. Some insurance
companies will not specify aftermarket
collision parts. When purchasing insurance,
we recommend that you ensure that the
vehicle will be repaired with GM original
equipment collision parts. If such insurance
coverage is not available from your current
insurance carrier, consider switching to
another insurance carrier.
If the vehicle is leased, the leasing company
may require you to have insurance that
ensures repairs with Genuine GM Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or
Genuine Manufacturer replacement parts.
Read the lease carefully, as you may be
charged at the end of the lease for poor
quality repairs.
If a Crash Occurs
If there has been an injury, call emergency
services for help. Do not leave the scene of
a crash until all matters have been taken
care of. Move the vehicle only if its position
puts you in danger, or you are instructed to
move it by a police officer.
Give only the necessary information to
police and other parties involved in the
For emergency towing see Roadside
Assistance Program 0 244.
Gather the following information:
Driver name, address, and telephone
Driver license number
Owner name, address, and telephone
Vehicle license plate number
Vehicle make, model, and model year
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Insurance company and policy number

Year 2022
Make Chevrolet
Model Spark
Language English
Pages 271
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 7 MB

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