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Posted on 11 Aug, 2021
Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark
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Chevrolet Spark Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-15540556) -
2022 - CRC - 4/9/21
44 Seats and Restraints
For some children, including children in child
restraints, and for very small adults, the
passenger sensing system may or may not
turn off the front outboard passenger
frontal airbag and knee airbag, depending
upon the person's seating posture and body
build. Everyone in the vehicle who has
outgrown child restraints should wear a seat
belt properly whether or not there is an
airbag for that person.
If the airbag readiness light ever comes
on and stays on, it means that
something may be wrong with the airbag
system. To help avoid injury to yourself
or others, have the vehicle serviced right
away. See Airbag Readiness Light 0 73 for
more information, including important
safety information.
If the On Indicator Is Lit for a Child
The passenger sensing system is designed to
turn off the front outboard passenger
frontal airbag and knee airbag if the system
determines that an infant is present in a
child restraint. If a child restraint has been
installed and the ON indicator is lit:
1. Turn the vehicle off.
2. Remove the child restraint from the
3. Remove any additional items from the
seat such as blankets, cushions, seat
covers, seat heaters, or seat massagers.
4. Reinstall the child restraint following the
directions provided by the child restraint
manufacturer and refer to Securing Child
Restraints (With the Seat Belt in the Rear
Seat) 0 60 or
Securing Child Restraints (With the Seat
Belt in the Front Seat) 0 62.
5. If, after reinstalling the child restraint
and restarting the vehicle, the ON
indicator is still lit, turn the vehicle off.
Then slightly recline the vehicle seatback
and adjust the seat cushion,
if adjustable, to make sure that the
vehicle seatback is not pushing the child
restraint into the seat cushion. Also
make sure the child restraint is not
trapped under the vehicle head restraint.
If this happens, adjust the head restraint.
See Head Restraints 0 25.
6. Restart the vehicle.
The passenger sensing system may or may
not turn off the airbags for a child in a child
restraint depending upon the childs size.
It is better to secure the child restraint in a
rear seat. Never put a rear-facing child
restraint in the front seat, even if the ON
indicator is not lit.
If the Off Indicator Is Lit for an
Adult-Sized Occupant
If a person of adult size is sitting in the
front outboard passenger seat, but the OFF
indicator is lit, it could be because that
person is not sitting properly in the seat or
that the child restraint locking feature is
engaged. Use the following steps to allow

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