2022 Chevrolet Spark — Owner's Manual – Page #62

Posted on 11 Aug, 2021
Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark
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Chevrolet Spark Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-15540556) -
2022 - CRC - 4/9/21
Seats and Restraints 61
Position the release button on the
buckle, away from the child restraint, so
that the seat belt could be quickly
unbuckled if necessary.
The push button used to release the
latch plate must be visible and not
obscured by the child restraint. There
must not be direct contact of the child
restraint to the push button.
4. Pull the shoulder belt all the way out of
the retractor to set the lock. When the
retractor lock is set, the belt can be
tightened but not pulled out of the
5. To tighten the belt, push down on the
child restraint, pull the shoulder portion
of the belt to tighten the lap portion of
the belt, and feed the shoulder belt back
into the retractor. When installing a
forward-facing child restraint, it may be
helpful to use your knee to push down
on the child restraint as you tighten
the belt.
Try to pull the belt out of the retractor
to make sure the retractor is locked.
If the retractor is not locked, repeat
Steps 4 and 5.
6. If the child restraint has a top tether,
follow the child restraint manufacturer's
instructions regarding the use of the top
tether. See Lower Anchors and Tethers
for Children (LATCH System) 0 53.
7. Before placing a child in the child
restraint, make sure it is securely held in
place. To check, grasp the child restraint
at the seat belt path and attempt to
move it side to side and back and forth.
When the child restraint is properly
installed, there should be no more than
2.5 cm (1 in) of movement.
To remove the child restraint, unbuckle the
vehicle seat belt and let it return to the
stowed position. If the top tether is attached
to a top tether anchor, disconnect it. If the
head restraint was removed, reinstall it
before the seating position is used. See
Head Restraint Removal and Reinstallation
under Lower Anchors and Tethers for
Children (LATCH System) 0 53 for additional
information on installing the head restraint

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