2022 Chevrolet Spark — Owner's Manual – Page #95

Posted on 11 Aug, 2021
Model: 2022 Chevrolet Spark
Pages: 271
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Chevrolet Spark Owner Manual (GMNA-Localizing-U.S./Canada-15540556) -
2022 - CRC - 4/9/21
94 Lighting
Replace any burned out bulbs. If a bulb is
not burned out, check the fuse. See Fuses
and Circuit Breakers 0 184.
Fog Lamps
If equipped with front fog lamps, the button
is on the outboard side of the instrument
# : Press to turn the front fog lamps on or
off. An indicator light on the instrument
cluster comes on when the fog lamps
are on.
The fog lamps come on together with the
parking lamps.
If the high-beam headlamps are turned on,
the fog lamps will turn off. If the high-beam
headlamps are turned off, the fog lamps will
turn back on again.
Some localities have laws that require the
headlamps to be on along with the fog
Interior Lighting
Instrument Panel Illumination
This feature adjusts the brightness of all
illuminated controls. The instrument panel
illumination control is next to the exterior
lamp control.
D : Move the thumbwheel up or down to
brighten or dim the lights.
The thumbwheel is functional at night,
or when the headlamps or parking lamps
are ON.
Courtesy Lamps
The courtesy lamps come on when any door
is opened and the dome lamp is in the
Dome Lamps
The dome lamp controls are in the headliner
above the front seats.
( : Press to turn the lamps off, even when
a door is open.
H : When the button is returned to the
middle position, the lamps turn on
automatically when a door is opened.
' : Press to turn on the dome lamps.

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