2005 Dodge Sprinter — Owner's Manual

Posted on 18 Jul, 2015
Model: 2005 Dodge Sprinter
Pages: 288

File size: 28 MB

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Manual Description
After the engine is started (about 1 second), all doors with the exception of the driver-side door are locked (standard setting). When leaving the vehicle always remove the key from the ignition lock, and lock your vehicle. The vehicle could The display can be reactivated by pressing the central then start moving of its own accord.

In case of an accident, rescue from the outside may 2 The left and the right indicator lamp in the switch be more difficult if the vehicle is locked. If one of the two indicator lamps blinks, at To unlock the vehicle after the engine is started, least one door is not closed properly. If the indicator lamp blinks, at least one door is not closed To switch off automatic locking of the front-seat passenger properly.

To switch on automatic locking of the front-seat passenger door and the rear-seat passenger area/cargo area: Press the central locking switch at the bottom and hold it there for about 5 seconds. Automatic locking when the engine including interference that may cause undesired is started is switched on (standard setting). Operation is subject to Malfunctions could occur if the remote keyless entry the following two conditions: transmitter is exposed to moisture.

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