2016 Ducati Superbike 959 Panigale (US version) — Owner's Manual

Posted on 18 Mar, 2016
Model: 2016 Ducati Superbike 959 Panigale (US version)
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Manual Description
Light control, Low / High beam. This function allows you to reduce current consumption from the battery, by managing headlight switching-on and off. At Key-On, the high beam and low beam lights are off, only the parking lights are turned on. Once the engine is started, the low beam is turned on; with engine running the standard operation of the lights is restored: it is possible to switch on and off the high beam using button (1) in position (A), or flash using button (1) in position (B).

If the engine is not started after key-on, it is still possible to turn on the low/high beam by pressing button (1) in position (A) on the left switch; press it once to turn on the low beam; any further time you press it you switch between low and high beam. If engine is not started within 60 seconds since the button was first pressed, the low and high beam lights are turned off. If the low beam or high beam was turned on before starting the engine (with the procedure described above), the headlight turns off automatically when starting the engine and will turn on again when the engine has been completely started. Turn indicators Turn indicators are automatically reset by the instrument panel.

After activating one of the two turn indicators, user can reset them using the button (3, Fig 91) on the left switch. If the turn indicator is not reset manually, the instrument panel will automatically switch it off after the motorcycle has traveled 0.3 miles (500 m) from when the turn indicator was activated. The counter for the distance traveled for automatic deactivation is only activated at speeds below 50 mph (80 km/h). If the calculation of the distance for automatic deactivation is activated and then the motorcycle exceeds a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), the calculation is interrupted and will restart when the speed returns below the indicated threshold.

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