2016 Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Street 750 — Owner's Manual – Page #4

Posted on 15 Mar, 2016
Model: 2016 Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Street 750
Pages: 117

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Before operating your new motorcycle, it is your responsibility to read and follow the operating
and maintenance instructions in this manual and follow these rules for your personal safety.
Motorcycles are different from other vehicles. They
operate, steer, handle and brake differently. Unskilled or
improper use could result in loss of control, death or
serious injury. (00556c)
Take a rider training course.
Read all the owner's manual before riding, adding accessories or servicing.
Wear an approved helmet, clothing and foot gear suited for motorcycle riding. Bright or light
colors are best for greater visibility in traffic, especially at night. Avoid loose, flowing
garments and scarves.
Never tow a trailer.
Before starting the engine, review the Pre Ride Checklist.
Striking an object, such as a curb or pothole can cause
internal tire damage. If an object is struck, have the tire
inspected immediately inside and out by a Harley
Davidson dealer. A damaged tire can fail while riding and
adversely affect stability and handling, which could result
in death or serious injury. (00058b)
Travel at speeds appropriate for road and conditions and
never travel faster than posted speed limit. Excessive
speed can cause loss of vehicle control, which could
result in death or serious injury. (00008a)
Do not exceed the legal speed limit or drive too fast for existing conditions. Always reduce
speed when poor driving conditions exist. High speed increases the influence of any other
condition affecting stability and increases the possibility of loss of control.
Pay strict attention to road surfaces and wind conditions and keep both hands on the
handlebar grips at all times when riding the motorcycle. Any two wheeled vehicle may be
subject to upsetting forces such as wind blasts from passing trucks, holes in the pavement,
rough road surfaces, rider control error, etc. These forces may influence the handling
characteristics of your motorcycle. If this happens, reduce speed and guide the motorcycle
with a relaxed grip to a controlled condition. Do not brake abruptly or force the handlebar.
This may aggravate an unstable condition.
New riders should gain experience under various conditions while riding at moderate
Operate your motorcycle defensively. In an accident, a motorcycle does not afford the same
protection as an automobile.
It is the rider's responsibility to instruct passengers on proper riding procedures.
Do not allow other individuals to operate the motorcycle unless they are experienced,
licensed riders and are thoroughly familiar with the operation of the motorcycle.


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