2009 Harley-Davidson Nightster — Owner's Manual

Posted on 15 Mar, 2016
Model: 2009 Harley-Davidson Nightster
Pages: 143

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Manual Description
Primary Chain Adjustment. 1. See Primary Chain Adjuster: Sportster Models. Loosen locknut (1). 2. Turn chain adjuster screw (2) clockwise (inward) to reduce free play or counterclockwise (outward) to increase free play.

Vertical free play must fall within the limits specified. Refer to Primary Chain Adjustment: Sportster Models. NOTE: If vertical free play cannot be set within the limits specified, then primary chain and/or chain adjuster are worn beyond adjustment limits. Replace parts as necessary.

3. When tension is set correctly, hold chain adjusting screw and tighten locknut to 20­25 ft­lbs (27­34 Nm). 4. Install primary chain inspection cover and new gasket. Tighten hex socket screws to 84­120 in­lbs (9.5­13.5 Nm). 5. Install main fuse.

Rear Drive Belt: Sportster Models. The inner tooth surface of the secondary belt has a thin coating of polyethylene lubricant. During initial operation, this coating will wear off as it is burnished into the belt fabric. This is a normal condition and not an indication of belt wear.

Belt tension is set at the factory and should be checked after the first 1000 miles 1600 kilometers, at scheduled maintenance intervals, and after a hard ride.

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