2012 Honda CB125E (GLH125) Owner's Manual

2012 Honda CB125E (GLH125) Owner's Manual
Posted on 25 Sep, 2015
Model: 2012 Honda CB125E (GLH125)
Pages: 136

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Manual Description
Engine oil quality is the chief factor affecting engine service life. Change the engine oil as specified in the maintenance schedule (page ). When running in very dusty conditions, oil changes should be performed more frequently than specified in the maintenance schedule. Please dispose of used engine oil in a manner that is compatible with the environment.

We suggest you take it in a sealed container to your local recycling center or service station for reclamation. Do not throw it in the trash or pour it on the ground or down a drain. Used engine oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods. Although this is unlikely unless you handle used oil on a daily basis, it is still advisable to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible after handling used oil.

Changing the oil requires a torque wrench. If you do not have it and the necessary skill, we recommend that you have your dealer perform this service. If a torque wrench is not used for this installation, see your dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. Change the engine oil with the engine at normal operating temperature and the motorcycle on its center stand to assure complete and rapid draining.

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