2014 Honda CB650F — Owner's Manual

Posted on 25 Sep, 2015
Model: 2014 Honda CB650F
Pages: 123

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Manual Description
Adjusting the chain requires special tools. Have the drive chain slack adjusted by your dealer. When adjusting the drive chain slack, be careful not to damage the wheel speed sensor and pulser ring. 1) Stop the engine. Place the transmission in Neutral.

2) Place your motorcycle on the side stand on a level surface. 3) Loosen the rear axle nut. 4) Loosen the lock nuts on both adjusting bolts. 5) Turn both adjusting bolts an equal number of turns until the correct drive chain slack is obtained.

Turn the adjusting bolts counterclockwise to tighten the chain. Turn the adjusting bolts clockwise and push the rear wheel toward the front to provide more slack. Adjust the slack at a point midway between the front sprocket and the rear wheel sprocket. Check the drive chain slack. (Page 71)

6) Check rear axle alignment by making sure the end of the chain adjusting plate aligns with the scale graduations on both sides of the swingarm. Both marks should correspond. If the axle is misaligned, turn the right or left adjusting bolts until the marks are aligned and recheck chain slack.

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