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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuClockuAdjusting the Clock
Using the SETUP button
1. Press the SETUP button.
2. Rotate to select Adjust Clock, then press .
3. Rotate to select the item you want to change (12/24 hour mode, hour,
minute). Then press .
4. Rotate to make the adjustment.
5. Press to enter your selection. The display returns to Adjust Clock. Repeat steps
4 to 6 to adjust other items.
6. To enter the selection, Rotate and select Set, then press .
7. Press the SETUP button to go back to the normal display.
Using the audio with touch screen
1. Press the (Home) button, then select
2. Select Clock/Info, then Clock
3. Adjust the hours and minutes by selecting
4. Select OK to set the time.
1Using the SETUP button
These indications are used to show how to operate
the selector knob.
Rotate to select.
Press to enter.
To set the time to the nearest hour:
Press and hold the CLOCK button until the clock
display begins to blink, then press the
(6 (Reset)
Depending on the displayed time, the clock sets
forward or backward.
1:06 will reset to 1:00
1:53 will reset to 2:00
Models with one display
Models with two displays
(Home) Button
1Using the audio with touch screen
You can customize the clock display to show the 12
hour clock or 24 hour clock.
2 Customized Features P. 271
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