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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuOpening and Closing the TailgateuOpening/Closing the Power Tailgate
Opening/Closing the Power Tailgate
The power tailgate can be operated by pressing the power tailgate button on the
remote transmitter, pressing the power tailgate button in the driver side control
panel, or pressing the button on the tailgate.
The power tailgate can be opened when:
The tailgate is fully closed.
The shift lever is in
The power tailgate can be closed when:
The tailgate is fully open.
The shift lever is in (P.
1Opening/Closing the Power Tailgate
Do not push or pull on the power tailgate when it is
being automatically opened or closed.
Forcibly opening or closing the power tailgate while
in operation can deform the tailgate frame.
When operating the power tailgate, make sure there
is enough space around your vehicle. People near the
tailgate may be seriously hurt if the tailgate hits or
closes on their heads. Be especially cautious if
children are around.
The power tailgate may not open or close under the
following conditions:
You start the engine while the tailgate is
automatically opening or closing.
The vehicle is parked on a steep hill.
The vehicle is swayed in a strong wind.
The tailgate or the roof is covered with snow or ice.
If you close the power tailgate with all the doors
locked, the power tailgate locks automatically.
Closing a power tailgate while anyone is in
the path of the tailgate can cause serious
Make sure everyone is clear before closing
the power tailgate.
* Not available on all models
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