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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuInterior Lights/Interior Convenience ItemsuInterior Convenience Items
The tonneau cover can be used to conceal
items in the cargo area and protect them from
direct sunlight.
To extend:
Pull the handle on the center edge, then clip
the mounting rods in the hooks on both sides
of the tailgate opening.
To retract:
Slip the rods out of the hooks, then slowly roll
it back until it is completely retracted.
To remove:
Push either end of the housing inward, then
lift it out of its position.
Tonneau Cover
1Tonneau Cover
Do not let anyone access items in the cargo area
while driving. Loose items can cause injury if you have
to brake hard.
Do not stack objects higher than the top of the seat
in the cargo area. They could block your view and be
thrown about the vehicle during a sudden stop.
To prevent tonneau cover damage:
Do not place items on the tonneau cover.
Do not put weight on the tonneau cover.
Mounting Rod
* Not available on all models
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