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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuHeating and Cooling System
uUsing Vents, Heating and A/C
1. Adjust the fan speed using the fan control
2. Select .
3. Adjust the temperature using the
temperature control dial.
4. Press the A/C button (indicator on).
To rapidly cool down the interior
1. Set the fan to the maximum speed.
2. Set the temperature to maximum low.
3. Press the button (indicator on).
Pressing the button turns the air
conditioning system on and automatically
switches the system to fresh air mode.
To rapidly defrost the windows
1. Set the fan to the maximum speed.
2. Press the button.
3. Press the button.
4. Set the temperature to maximum high.
1To rapidly cool down the interior
If the interior is very warm, you can cool it down
more rapidly by partially opening the windows.
While in the ECON mode, the system has greater
temperature fluctuations.
Pressing the button bypasses the ECON mode
control, and cools down the interior more rapidly.
Defrosting the Windshield and Windows
1Defrosting the Windshield and Windows
For your safety, make sure you have a clear view
through all the windows before driving.
Do not set the temperature near the upper or lower
When cold air hits the windshield, the outside of the
windshield may fog up.
If the side windows fog up, adjust the vents so that
the air hits the side windows.
1To rapidly defrost the windows
After defrosting the windows, switch over to fresh air
If you keep the system in recirculation mode, the
windows may fog up from humidity. This impedes
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