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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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Audio System Basic Operation
To use the audio system function, the power mode must be in ACCESSORY or ON.
(Home) Button: Press to go to the home
2 Switching the Display P. 233
(Menu) Button: Press to select any mode.
The available mode includes Change Source,
Station List, Save Preset, Radio Text,
Music Search, and play modes. Play modes
can be also selected from Scan, Random/
Repeat, and so on.
(Back) Button: Press to go back to the
previous display when it is displayed.
button: Press to change the audio/
information screen brightness.
Press once and select
(- or (+ to make
an adjustment.
u Each time you press , the mode
switches between the daytime mode,
nighttime mode and OFF mode.
1Audio System Basic Operation
Audio Menu Items
2 Station List P. 240
2 Music Search P. 246, 249, 254
2 Random/Repeat P. 247, 255
2 Scan P. 241, 247, 255
Models with two displays
(Home) Button
(Menu) Button
(Back) Button
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