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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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Before Driving
Driving Preparation
Check the following items before you start driving.
Make sure there are no obstructions on the windows, door mirrors, exterior
lights, or other parts of the vehicle.
u Remove any frost, snow, or ice.
u Remove any snow on the roof, as this can slip down and obstruct your field of
vision while driving. If frozen solid, remove ice once it has softened.
u When removing ice from around the wheels, be sure not to damage the wheel
or wheel components.
Make sure the hood is securely closed.
u If the hood opens while driving, your front view will be blocked.
Make sure the tires are in good condition.
u Check air pressures, and check for damage and excessive wear.
2 Checking and Maintaining Tires P. 465
Make sure there are no people or objects behind or around the vehicle.
u There are blind spots from the inside.
Exterior Checks
1Exterior Checks
When doors are frozen shut, use warm water around
the door edges to melt any ice. Do not try to force
them open, as this can damage the rubber trim
around the doors. When done, wipe dry to avoid
further freezing.
Do not pour warm water into the key cylinder.
You will be unable to insert the key if the water
freezes in the hole.
Heat from the engine and exhaust can ignite
flammable materials left under the hood, causing a
fire. If you've parked your vehicle for an extended
period, inspect and remove any debris that may have
collected, such as dried grass and leaves that have
fallen or have been carried in for use as a nest by a
small animal. Also check under the hood for leftover
flammable materials after you or someone else has
performed maintenance on your vehicle.
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