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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuSeat BeltsuAbout Your Seat Belts
Safe Driving
Proper use of seat belts
Follow these guidelines for proper use:
All occupants should sit upright, well back in the seat, and remain in that position
for the duration of the trip. Slouching and leaning reduce the effectiveness of the
belt and can increase the chance of serious injury in a crash.
Never place the shoulder part of a lap/shoulder seat belt under your arm or
behind your back. This could cause very serious injuries in a crash.
Two people should never use the same seat belt. If they do, they could be very
seriously injured in a crash.
Do not put any accessories on the seat belts. Devices intended to improve comfort
or reposition the shoulder part of a seat belt can reduce the protective capability
and increase the chance of serious injury in a crash.
Your vehicle monitors front seat belt use. If
the ignition switch is turned to ON
before the driver’s seat belt is fastened, the
beeper will sound and the indicator will blink.
If the driver does not fasten the belt before
the beeper stops, the indicator will remain on.
The beeper will also periodically sound and
the indicator will blink while driving until the
driver's and front passenger’s seat belts are
*1: Models with the smart entry system have an ENGINE START/STOP button
instead of an ignition switch.
Seat Belt Reminder
1About Your Seat Belts
If a rear seat passenger moves around and extends
the seat belt, the lockable retractor may activate. If
this happens, release the retractor by unfastening the
seat belt and allow the belt to retract completely.
Then refasten the belt.
1Seat Belt Reminder
The indicator will also come on if a front passenger
does not fasten their seat belt within six seconds after
the ignition switch is turned to ON
When no one is sitting in the front passenger’s seat,
the indicator will not come on and the beeper will not
The indicator also may not come on and the beeper
may not sound when the occupant is not heavy
enough to trigger the weight sensor. Such occupants
(e.g., infants and smaller children) should be moved
to the rear seat as a deploying front airbag likely will
injure or kill them.
2 Protecting Child Passengers P. 54
* Not available on all models
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