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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuWhen DrivinguLane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
The system may not detect lane markings and therefore may not keep the vehicle in
the middle of a lane under certain conditions, including the following:
Environmental conditions
Driving in bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).
Sudden changes between light and dark, such as an entrance or exit of a tunnel.
There is little contrast between lane lines and the roadway surface.
Driving into low sunlight (e.g., at dawn or dusk).
Strong light is reflected onto the roadway.
Driving in the shadows of trees, buildings, etc.
Shadows of adjacent objects are parallel to lane markings.
Roadway objects or structures are misinterpreted as lane markings.
Reflections on the interior of the front windshield.
Roadway conditions
Driving on a snowy or wet roadway (obscured lane marking, vehicle tracks,
reflected lights, road spray, high contrast).
Driving on a road with temporary lane markings.
Faint, multiple, or varied lane markings are visible on the roadway due to road
repairs or old lane markings.
The roadway has merging, split, or crossing lines (e.g., such as at an intersection
or crosswalk).
The lane markings are extremely narrow, wide, or changing.
The vehicle in front of you is driving near the lane lines.
The road is hilly or the vehicle is approaching the crest of a hill.
Driving over bumps.
LKAS Limitations
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