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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuWhen DrivinguVehicle Stability Assist (VSA®), aka Electronic Stability Control (ESC), System
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®), aka Electronic
Stability Control (ESC), System
Helps stabilize the vehicle during cornering if the vehicle turns more or less than
what was intended. It also assists in maintaining traction on slippery surfaces. It does
so by regulating engine output and selectively applying the brakes.
When VSA® activates, you may notice that the
engine does not respond to the accelerator.
You may also notice some noise from the
hydraulic system. You will also see the
indicator blink.
VSA® Operation
1Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®), aka Electronic Stability Control
(ESC), System
The VSA® may not function properly if tire types and
size are mixed. Make sure to use the same size and
types of tire, and the air pressures as specified.
When the VSA® indicator comes on and stays on
while driving, there may be a problem with the
system. While this may not interfere with normal
driving, have your vehicle checked by a dealer
VSA® cannot enhance stability in all driving situations
and does not control the entire braking system. You
still need to drive and corner at speeds appropriate
for the conditions and always leave a sufficient
margin of safety.
The main function of the VSA® system is generally
known as Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The
system also includes a traction control function.
VSA® System
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