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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuBrakinguCollision Mitigation Braking System
may activate even when you are aware of a vehicle ahead of you, or
when there is no vehicle ahead. Some examples of this are:
When Passing
Your vehicle approaches another vehicle ahead of you and you change lanes to pass.
At an intersection
Your vehicle approaches or passes another vehicle that is making a left or right turn.
On a curve
When driving through curves, your vehicle comes to a point where an oncoming
vehicle is right in front of you.
Through a low bridge at high speed
You drive under a low or narrow bridge at high speed.
Speed bumps, road work sites, train tracks, roadside objects, etc.
You drive over speed bumps, steel road plates, etc., or your vehicle approaches train
tracks or roadside objects [such as a traffic sign and guard rail] on a curve or, when
parking, stationary vehicles and walls.
With Little Chance of a Collision
1Collision Mitigation Braking System
Avoid the following conditions that may cause the
radar aim to be temporarily out of range and prevent
the CMBS
from working properly.
A heavy load in the rear or modifications to the
suspension tilts your vehicle.
The tire pressures are not correct, the tire sizes are
incorrect, the tire types are different, and/or the
tires are not in good condition.
For the CMBS
to work properly:
Always keep the radar sensor cover clean.
Never use chemical solvents or polishing powder for
cleaning the sensor cover. Clean it with water or a
mild detergent.
Do not put a sticker on the emblem or replace the
If you need the radar sensor to be repaired, or
removed, or the radar sensor cover is strongly
impacted, turn off the system by pressing the
off button and take your vehicle to a dealer.
* Not available on all models
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