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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuBrakinguCollision Mitigation Braking System
The system may automatically shut off and the CMBS
indicator will come on under
certain conditions. Some examples of these conditions are listed below. Other
conditions may reduce some of the CMBS
2 Front Sensor Camera
P. 374
Environmental conditions
Driving in bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).
Sudden changes between light and dark, such as an entrance or exit of a tunnel.
There is little contrast between objects and the background.
Driving into low sunlight (e.g., at dawn or dusk).
Strong light is reflected onto the roadway.
Driving in the shadows of trees, buildings, etc.
Roadway objects or structures are misinterpreted as vehicles and pedestrians.
Reflections on the interior of the front windshield.
Roadway conditions
Driving on a snowy or wet roadway (obscured lane marking, vehicle tracks,
reflected lights, road spray, high contrast).
Vehicle conditions
Headlight lenses are dirty or the headlights are not properly adjusted.
The outside of the windshield is blocked by dirt, mud, leaves, wet snow, etc.
The inside of the windshield is fogged.
An abnormal tire or wheel condition (wrong sized, varied size or construction,
improperly inflated, compact spare tire, etc.).
The vehicle is tilted due to a heavy load or suspension modifications.
The camera temperature gets too hot.
Conditions and Limitations
* Not available on all models
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