2015 Honda CR-V — Owner's Manual – Page #446

Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuMaintenance Under the HooduChanging the Engine Oil and Oil Filter
Changing the Engine Oil and Oil Filter
You must change the engine oil and oil filter regularly in order to maintain the
engine's lubrication. The engine may be damaged if they are not changed regularly.
Change the oil and filter in accordance with the maintenance message on the
information display
/multi-information display
1. Run the engine until it reaches normal
operating temperature, and then turn the
engine off.
2. Open the hood and remove the engine oil
fill cap.
3. Remove the drain bolt and washer from
the bottom of the engine, and drain the
oil into a suitable container.
1Changing the Engine Oil and Oil Filter
You may damage the environment if you do not
dispose of the oil in a suitable way. If you are
changing the oil by yourself, appropriately dispose of
the used oil. Put the oil in a sealed container and take
it to a recycling center. Do not throw the oil away
into a garbage can or onto the ground.
Washer Drain Bolt
Oil Filter
* Not available on all models
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