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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuAirbagsuFront Airbags (SRS)
Your front airbags have advanced features to help reduce the likelihood of airbag
related injuries to smaller occupants.
The driver's advanced front airbag system
includes a seat position sensor.
If the seat is too far forward, the airbag
inflates with less force, regardless of the
severity of the impact.
The passenger's advanced front airbag system
has weight sensors.
Although we recommend against carrying an
infant or small child in front, if the sensors
detect the weight of a child (up to about 65
lbs or 29 kg), the system will automatically
turn off the passenger's front airbag.
Advanced Airbags
1Advanced Airbags
If there is a problem with the driver's seat position
sensor, the SRS indicator will come on and the airbag
will inflate with full (normal) force, regardless of the
driver's seating position.
For both advanced front airbags to work properly:
Do not spill any liquid on or under the seats.
Do not put any object under the passenger’s seat.
Make sure any objects are positioned properly on
the floor. Improperly positioned objects can
interfere with the advanced airbag sensors.
All occupants should sit upright and wear their seat
belts properly.
Do not place any cover over the passenger side
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