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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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uuAirbagsuAirbag System Indicators
Safe Driving
When the passenger airbag off
indicator comes on
The indicator comes on to alert you that the
passenger's front airbag has been turned off.
This occurs when the weight sensors detect
65 lbs (29 kg) or less, the weight of an infant
or small child, on the seat.
Infants and small children should always ride properly restrained in a back seat.
2 Child Safety P. 54
Objects placed on the seat can also cause the indicator to come on.
If the front passenger seat is empty, the passenger's front airbag will not deploy and
the indicator will not come on.
Passenger Airbag Off Indicator
1Passenger Airbag Off Indicator
If the indicator comes on with no front passenger and
no objects on the passenger’s seat, or with an adult
riding there, something may be interfering with the
weight sensors, such as:
An object hanging on the seat or in the seat-back
A child seat or other object pressing against the
rear of the seat-back.
A rear passenger pushing or pulling on the back of
the front passenger's seat.
The front seat or seat-back is forced back against
an object on the seat or floor behind it.
An object placed under the front passenger's seat.
If none of these conditions exist, have your vehicle
checked by a dealer as soon as possible.
The passenger airbag off indicator may come on and
goes off repeatedly if the total weight on the seat is
near the airbag cutoff threshold.
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