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Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
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Safe Driving
Child Safety
Protecting Child Passengers
Each year, many children are injured or killed in vehicle crashes because they are
either unrestrained or not properly restrained. In fact, vehicle accidents are the
number one cause of death of children ages 12 and under.
To reduce the number of child deaths and injuries, every state, Canadian province
and territory requires that infants and children be properly restrained when they ride
in a vehicle.
Children should sit properly restrained in a rear seat. This is because:
An inflating front or side airbag can injure
or kill a child sitting in the front seat.
A child in the front seat is more likely to
interfere with the driver's ability to safely
control the vehicle.
Statistics show that children of all sizes and
ages are safer when they are properly
restrained in a rear seat.
1Protecting Child Passengers
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
and Transport Canada recommend that all children
ages 12 and under be properly restrained in a rear
seat. Some states or provinces/territories have laws
restricting where children may ride.
Children who are unrestrained or
improperly restrained can be seriously
injured or killed in a crash.
Any child too small for a seat belt should be
properly restrained in a child seat. A larger
child should be properly restrained with a
seat belt, using a booster seat if necessary.
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