2015 Honda CR-V — Owner's Manual – Page #89

Posted on 24 May, 2015
Model: 2015 Honda CR-V
Pages: 533
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uuIndicatorsuDisplay Warning and Information Messages
Instrument Panel
Message Condition Explanation
Appears when there is a problem with the power tailgate
Manually open or close the power tailgate.
Have your vehicle checked by a dealer.
Message Condition Explanation
Appears if anything covers the radar sensor cover and
prevents the sensor from detecting a vehicle in front.
May appear when driving in bad weather (rain, snow,
fog, etc.)
When the radar sensor gets dirty, stop your vehicle in a
safe place, and wipe off dirt using soft cloth.
Have your vehicle checked by a dealer if the message
does not disappear even after you clean the sensor
2 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
P. 375
Models with power tailgate system
Models with ACC
* Not available on all models
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