2019 Honda CRF125F/FB Owner's Manual

2019 Honda CRF125F/FB Owner's Manual
Posted on 23 Mar, 2020
Model: 2019 Honda CRF125F/FB
Pages: 132

File size: 5 MB

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Manual Description
Always follow the inspection and maintenance recommendations and schedules in this owner's manual. Other tasks that are more difficult and require special tools are best performed by professionals. Never use petrol or low flash point solvents for cleaning the air cleaner.

Service more frequently if your motorcycle is ridden in the rain or often at full throttle. The following provides a guide to the selection of the proper grade or viscosity of oil to be used at various atmospheric temperatures. Please dispose of used engine oil in a manner that is compatible with the environment.

We suggest you take it in a sealed container to your local recycling centre or service station for reclamation. Used engine oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods. Change the engine oil with the engine at normal operating temperature and the motorcycle on its side stand to assure complete and rapid draining.

Manual Cover
2019 Honda CRF125F/FB Owner's Manual Image

Year 2019
Make Honda
Model CRF125F/FB
Language English
Pages 132
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 5 MB

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