2008 Honda CRF450R — Owner's Manual

Posted on 25 Sep, 2015
Model: 2008 Honda CRF450R
Pages: 174

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Manual Description
The swingarm is controlled by one hydraulic shock absorber with an aluminum reservoir for oil and nitrogen gas pressure. The gas pressure in the reservoir is contained within a rubber bladder. The shock absorber's spring pre-load and damping adjustments (compression and rebound) should be adjusted for the rider's weight and track conditions (pages 114, 116, 119). Do not attempt to disassemble, service, or dispose of the damper: see your Honda dealer.

The instructions found in this owner's manual are limited to adjustments of the shock assembly only. When your CRF is new, break it in for approximately 1 hour with the standard suspension settings before attempting to adjust the rear suspension. Refer to Suspension Adjustment Guidelines (page 119). Make all rebound and compression damping adjustments in one click or 1/12 turn increments.

(Adjusting two or more increments or turns at a time may cause you to pass over the best adjustment. ) Test ride after each adjustment. If the rear suspension is too stiff/soft, adjust it by turning all the compression and rebound adjusters according to the procedures described in page 113. After adjusting the adjusters simultaneously, suspension may be fine-tuned by turning one of the compression and rebound damping adjusters in one click or in 1/12 turn increments.

If you have a problem finding an acceptable adjustment, return to the standard position and begin again.

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