2012 Honda SH300 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 20 Apr, 2017
Model: 2012 Honda SH300
Pages: 142

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Manual Description
Service if the deposit level can be seen in the transparent section of the drain tube. The following provides a guide to the selection of the proper grade or viscosity of oil to be used at various atmospheric temperatures. Remove the spark plug using the plug wrench furnished in the tool kit.

Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the fully closed position at both full steering positions. Check the fork assembly by locking the front brake and pumping the fork up and down vigorously. Suspension action should be smooth and there must be no oil leakage.

Swingarm bearings should be checked by pushing hard against the side of the rear wheel while the scooter is on the center stand. Carefully inspect all front and rear suspension fasteners for tightness. Perform the following maintenance in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

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