2019 Honda SXS700M2-M4 A — Owner's Manual

Posted on 11 Jul, 2019
Model: 2019 Honda SXS700M2-M4 A
Pages: 276

File size: 19 MB

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Manual Description
And always slow down after moving from one type of surface to another until you get accustomed to how your vehicle handles. One minute you can be on firm soil and the next in soft sand or deep mud. The added weight and length of a trailer will affect your directional control.

Large bumps and holes can bounce you around and cause you to lose control or get stuck. Even very shallow rushing water can wash the ground from under your tires and cause you to lose traction and possibly roll over. The service intervals in this schedule are based on average operation conditions.

Always follow the inspection and maintenance recommendations and schedules in this owner's manual. Frequent servicing of the air cleaner is especially important to help you avoid a possible costly engine repair. Other tasks that are more difficult and require special tools are best performed by professionals.

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