2005 Honda TRX450R — Owner's Manual

Posted on 25 Sep, 2015
Model: 2005 Honda TRX450R
Pages: 227

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Manual Description
The hydraulic disc braking systems on your ATV dissipate the heat generated by the friction of the brake pads on the brake discs as the wheels are slowed. As the brake pads wear, the brake fluid level will drop. A leak in the system will also cause the level to drop. There are no adjustments to perform, but fluid level and pad wear must be inspected periodically.

The system must be inspected frequently to ensure there are no fluid leaks. If the brake lever or brake pedal freeplay does not feel within the normal range while riding, check the brake pads for wear (page 131 ). Worn pads should be replaced. If the pads are not worn beyond the recommended limit, there is probably air in the brake system.

See your Honda dealer to have the air bled from the system. The recommended brake fluid is Honda DOT 4 Brake Fluid, or any brake fluid of equal quality and performance. Use fresh brake fluid from a sealed container. Be sure to read the label before opening the sealed container.

An opened container may be contaminated or may have absorbed moisture from the air.

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