2019 Honda TRX500FA6 E — Owner's Manual

Posted on 11 Jul, 2019
Model: 2019 Honda TRX500FA6 E
Pages: 285

File size: 18 MB

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Manual Description
Release the rear brake lever/parking brake lever and increase engine speed by gradually opening the throttle. Remember to close the throttle each time you shift to the next lower gear. Learn the relationship between engine sound and the normal shifting points.

Make sure there are no obstacles or people behind you before selecting reverse gear. Carefully apply both the front and rear brakes when stopping in reverse gear. The single disc brake of the rear drivetrain is hydraulically activated by pressing down on the brake pedal and mechanically activated by operating the rear brake lever/parking brake lever.

Continuous brake application can overheat the brakes and reduce their effectiveness. Practice the techniques outlined in this section on level ground and at low speeds until you are confident in making turns. Remember that steering the handlebar in the front differential lock mode will cause steering to be heavy and increase turning radius.

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