2020 Honda TRX90X — Owner's Manual – Page #139

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2020 Honda TRX90X
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Servicing Your Honda
A manually operated tire pump should be used rather than the high
pressure system found in service stations. This will minimize the
possibility of tire damage from overinflation. If you use a high
pressure system at a service station, add air in small amounts and
check the pressure increase frequently to prevent possible tire
damage from overinflation.
Refer to Safety Precautions on page 84.
Whenever you check the tire pressures, you should also look for:
Bumps or bulges in the side of the tire or the tread. Replace any
tire that has a bump or bulge.
Cuts, slits, or cracks in the tires. Replace the tire if you can see
fabric or cord.
Nails or other foreign objects embedded in the side of the tire or
Excessive tread wear.
Operating this ATV with improper tires, or
with uneven tire pressure may cause loss of
control, and you could be seriously injured or
Always use the size and type tires specified
in this owner’s manual for this vehicle.
Always maintain proper tire pressure as
described in this owner’s manual.
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