2020 Honda TRX90X — Owner's Manual – Page #151

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2020 Honda TRX90X
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Servicing Your Honda
Drive Chain
Refer to Safety Precautions on page 84.
Your ATV has an endless (riveted master link) type chain. It should
only be removed or replaced by your dealer.
The O-rings can be damaged by steam cleaning, high pressure
washers, and certain solvents.
Clean the side surfaces of the chain with a dry cloth. Use a high
flashpoint solvent such as kerosene – not gasoline.
Do not brush the rubber O-rings.
Brushing will damage them. Use of a solvent may also damage
the O-rings.
Inspect the drive chain for possible wear or damage.
Replace the drive chain if it has damaged rollers, loose fitting links,
damaged O-rings, or otherwise appears unserviceable.
Replacement Chain:
DID 428V – 98LE or RK428 HOZ1 – 98LE
Removal, Cleaning & Replacement
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