2020 Honda TRX90X — Owner's Manual – Page #170

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2020 Honda TRX90X
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You & the Environment
Owning and riding an ATV can be enjoyable, but you must do your
part to protect nature. When you show respect for the land, wildlife,
and other people, you also help preserve the sport of off-road riding.
Following are tips on how you can be an environmentally responsible
ATV owner.
Tread Lightly. Stay on existing roads and trails, avoid surfaces
that are easily damaged, and ride only in areas approved for off-
road vehicles.
Keep the Noise Down. Loud vehicles can be offensive. Ride as
quietly as possible, don’t remove your spark arrester, and don’t
modify the muffler or any other part of your air intake and
exhaust systems. Such modifications not only increase noise, they
also reduce engine performance and may be illegal.
Choose Sensible Cleaners. Use a biodegradable detergent
when you wash your ATV. Avoid aerosol spray cleaners that
contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which damage the
atmosphere’s protective ozone layer. Don’t throw cleaning
solvents away; see the following guidelines for proper disposal.
Recycle Wastes. It’s illegal and thoughtless to put used engine
oil in the trash, down a drain, or on the ground. Used oil,
gasoline, and cleaning solvents contain poisons that can hurt
refuse workers and contaminate our drinking water, lakes, rivers,
and oceans. Before changing your oil, make sure you have the
proper containers. Put oil and other toxic wastes in separate
sealed containers and take them to a recycling center. Call your
local or state office of public works or environmental services to
find a recycling center in your area, and to get instructions on
how to dispose of non-recyclable wastes.
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