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Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2020 Honda TRX90X
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ATV Safety
Important Message to Parents
To help you regulate your youngster’s rate of learning, this ATV was
delivered with an adjustable throttle limiter and an air restrictor. We
recommend that all beginning riders start off with the throttle limiter
adjusted as delivered. The limiter may be adjusted to gradually
increase maximum speed as the beginner becomes more familiar
with operating the ATV. For adjustment and removal instructions,
see page 46 – 48.
SUPERVISION is another important obligation of parents. Even after
youngsters have become skilled off-road riders, make sure they
always have adult supervision while riding. It also helps to regularly
remind young riders to follow the instructions and warnings in this
manual. And remember, it’s the parents’ responsibility to see that
the ATV is properly maintained and kept in safe operating condition.
If you choose to lend your ATV, do make sure that any riders
between 10 to 16 years old will have adult supervision. Your
youngster should understand that the decision to lend the ATV is
SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE RIDING must be an on-going commitment
– by you and your youngster. When you both put safety first, you
can enjoy more peace of mind, and your youngster can enjoy many
hours of safe off-road riding.
In Summary
Children differ in skills, physical abilities, and judgment. Some
children age 10 and older may not be able to operate this ATV safely.
Parents should supervise their child’s use of the ATV at all times.
Parents should permit continued use only if they determine that the
child has the ability to operate the ATV safely.
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