2020 Honda TRX90X — Owner's Manual – Page #81

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2020 Honda TRX90X
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Basic Operation & Riding
Riding Your ATV
Stalling the ATV and/or Rolling Backwards:
If you incorrectly estimate climbing capability or terrain conditions,
the ATV may not have enough power or traction to continue uphill.
If this happens, the ATV can stall and/or roll backwards.
What to do if the ATV stalls or rolls backwards when climbing a hill:
If you are about to lose all forward speed:
Using the front and rear brakes together, bring the ATV to a stop
with the vehicle pointed straight uphill.
Get off the ATV while you continue holding the brakes.
Shift into neutral, set the parking brake and turn the engine off.
Then assess the situation.
If the ATV starts rolling backwards before you begin braking:
Keep your weight uphill.
Carefully apply the front brakes first, then carefully apply the rear
brake. Do not apply either brake abruptly if you are rolling
backwards, or the vehicle may overturn.
If the ATV continues sliding backwards:
After you’ve applied the brakes, get off and away from the vehicle.
Stalling, rolling backwards or improperly
dismounting while climbing a hill could result
in the ATV overturning.
Always follow proper procedures for climbing
a hill as described in this owner’s manual.
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