2020 Honda TRX90X — Owner's Manual – Page #95

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2020 Honda TRX90X
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Servicing Your Honda
Maintenance Schedule
The required Maintenance Schedule that follows specifies how often
you should have your ATV serviced, and what things need attention.
It is essential to have your ATV serviced as scheduled to maintain
safe, dependable performance and proper emission control.
The service intervals in this Maintenance Schedule are based on
average riding conditions. Some items will need more frequent
service if you ride in unusually wet or dusty areas or at full throttle.
Consult your dealer for recommendations applicable to your
individual needs and use.
Some items in the Maintenance Schedule can be performed with
basic mechanical skills and hand tools. Procedures for these items
are provided in this manual. Other items involve more extensive
procedures and may require special training, tools, and equipment.
We recommend that you have your dealer perform these tasks
unless you have advanced mechanical skills and the required tools
and equipment. Procedures for such items in this schedule are
provided in an official Honda Service Manual available for purchase
(page 194).
If you do not feel capable of performing a given task or need
assistance, remember that your Honda dealer knows your ATV best
and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it. If you decide to do
your own maintenance, use only Honda Genuine Parts or their
equivalents for repair or replacement to ensure the best quality and
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