2018 Honda VT1300CX-A — Owner's Manual – Page #106

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT1300CX-A
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Tighten the rear brake bracket bolt.
Torque: 51 lbf·ft (69 N·m, 7.0 kgf·m)
Tighten the axle holding bolt.
Torque: 20 lbf·ft (27 N·m, 2.8 kgf·m)
After installing the wheel, apply the brake
pedal several times, then check if the
wheel rotates freely. Recheck the wheel if
the brake drags or if the wheel does not
rotate freely.
Before installing the muffler, replace the
exhaust pipe gasket with a new gasket.
Install the muffler, muffler bracket bolt A,
B, nuts and washers.
Tighten the muffler bracket bolt A, B, nuts
and exhaust pipe joint nuts.
Exhaust pipe joint nuts:
Torque: 17 lbf·ft (23 N·m, 2.3 kgf·m)
Muffler bracket bolt A, B and nuts:
Torque: 20 lbf·ft (27 N·m, 2.8 kgf·m)
If a torque wrench was not used for
installation, see your dealer as soon as
possible to verify proper assembly.
Improper assembly may lead to loss of
braking capacity.
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